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Not So Spiritual Side Of Spirituality

By Jesse Bravo
Spirituality is a word that incorporates many different topics and fields.
Since the reemergence of spirituality as a movement within the United
States over the last 10 years, there has been an explosion in
entertainment dollars associated with it. In reality television, there was
instant intrigue with the proof of life after death with Ghost Hunting
shows. Many people ask me if Ghost Hunting and the people associated
with shows are spiritual. My answer is that it is in part, but the people
who produce and make shows aren’t spiritual but more entrepreneurs of
Spirituality. Let’s take Zak Bagans who started the hit series on the Travel
Channel “Ghost Adventures”.  Zak comes off as a Bad Boy who wears all
black clothes and tight fitting shirts with tattoos all over his body, who
goes to fight and document Spirits, Ghosts and demons with his Ghost
adventures crew. On his arms and fingers, he has tattoos of crosses to
protect himself and the weak that are being harmed from bullying and
aggressive energies.
       So he portrays himself as a knight who defends the weak but in
reality off camera he has a major legal battle for not paying his
agreed 10% commission to the company Abrams Artist Agency who
got Zak his $4.5 million dollar contract with Travel Channel in October
of 2012. So I ask the question again. Where is the spirituality of a
person who documents spirituality but does not live the life of a
spiritualist? If Zak’s isn’t doing the right thing off camera, what makes
you think he is doing the right thing on camera and it is these types of
questions that have caused a lot of people to doubt the authenticity
of the show “Ghost Adventures”. I reached out to both Zak Bagans
(ZBE) and Abrams Artist Agency (Alec Shankman) for this story with
no comment. So now I leave this question of spirituality in your hands
to decide.

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